Hi! Name and color. IZZI DESIGN with orange? Why like this? Simple! I want everything to be easy for you. Easy and dynamic! I am Constantin Alupoaei. Titi, like in the magazine! Designer. Can a profession represent a person?

I write! Far away from the usual boring language, unfortunately introduced in this profession, like ”professionalism, exigencies, lots of ideas, clients’ wishes,……” I address myself to you, as I do to anybody. So, you have entered in a designer’s website. A designer that is involved in interior design and that creates unique furniture pieces. My personal definition for the interior design starts from the white color to the colored one, from a wall to a texture, from four walls to a house that is representing you. I am the translator of your dreams and wishes, which helped by my mind, knowledge and skills, they become SOMETHING! That something is the result of our relationship. The beauty is a unanimous wish, but is becomes very relative as an expression. What you may like, might like less to another! I listen to you, I talk to you, I draw, I find qualified personnel, I design the furniture, I supervise its erection, I go shopping and I buy – all for you. I want everything to be IZZI for you. You tell me that you like pink, and I will know if it matches with green flowers or with silver lines. You wish for straight lines, and I will know if they go together with right or sharp angles. IZZI and nice. Does the dimension of your project frighten you, so you want to take it easier? I can consult you even for this! In few hours, I can tell you how I see your whole house. I do not read minds, I do not walk a tightrope, I am not a small God! I am human!

We are all designers! True! We build our lives! Bu t the difference lies on the each ones formation and dedication. There is a lot of imagination, fantasy, but in order to materialize your thinking is the hardest step.

I do sketches! They require talent and imagination! To prepare a 3D drawing requires knowledge and imagination! My portfolio contains realized projects. I present you something that already exists, not something that might exist! I will design for you!

A part of my 10 years experience is here. What am I going to do? I have some couches and armchairs, a house with the cost of a car, a lamp, a loft. Curly ideas. Follow me!

I talk! The communication is the most important thing in my profession. Ask me, anything, I can help you. I want to have this close approach towards yourself. I had clients that were upset that I did not invite them to my wedding or Clients for which I design their third house. Do you have a mustache, do you freckles, do you have glasses …you are different. And you are YOURSELF.

I am Constantin Alupoaei.